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Through my individual coaching and group programs, I’ve coached some incredible men over the years – including a leader at Facebook, a CMO of a tech company, a CTO in Silicon Valley, an owner of a real estate company in NYC, an Emmy-nominated entertainer, an architect… even an international DJ!

Here is a collection of their success stories.
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Giancarlo Pitocco

Former leader at Facebook, Instagram and Apple; now runs his own business as a Digital Wellness Consultant

Giancarlo was living his dream… or so he thought. He lived in New York City, climbed the ranks of Facebook, dated beautiful women, had plenty of friends and yet – felt empty and unfulfilled… that something wasn’t right.

As we uncovered the root of his challenges, Giancarlo discovered he was constantly distracting himself with technology.

We worked on all areas of his life: updating his relationship to technology, uncovering his mission, transforming his career, bringing more intention to his dating life, and designing a more optimal approach to food, fitness and fun.

“I’ve ended up with a phenomenal sense of thriving, and it couldn’t be more different from when she and I started working together.

I have never felt more in touch with my purpose and what I’m meant to do on this planet.

Nothing short of remarkable, that’s the experience of working with Carla. It’s powerful stuff.”

- Giancarlo

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What Carla has given me is something amazing. I am now free to experience life and emotions, friends and enemies, strangers and family, in a way that never occurred to me before.

You have given me a superhero’s ability to help people. Not in my old ways of solving problems, but in a more personal, even more effective manner of showing that I can relate to them.
— Nick J, Real Estate Executive, NYC
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You could read and explore different resources for five to ten years, or work with Carla and have your life change immediately for the better.

This helps you quit wasting time and gets you directly to what will transform your life for the better.

If you want to be able to understand and work your emotions to become a more effective person, this is the growth path accelerator for you to get on.
— Ben Feinblum, Emmy Nomination Featured Entertainer
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Carla developed a system that cuts away all the guesswork regarding understanding and managing your emotions.

Working with Carla was like installing a brand new operating system within me.

After the program, I knew how to get where I wanted to go when it came to my business, my relationship, my creativity, and my health because I focused on the root of the challenges: my emotional and mental blocks. This program is so powerful.
— William, Entrepreneur & Writer

Jeff Melton

Chief Marketing Officer at Mavrck

“I have never felt better. I am spiraling up.

If you want to feel like you did when you were a kid – sleeping like a baby, having extreme confidence, losing your anxiety – give it a shot. And keep going. There are great things on the other side.”

- Jeff

Jeff had always been a high-achiever since a young age: from swim team captain to high school class president; leading departments of more than 60 people before the age of 30; and ending up on PR Week’s 40 Under 40.

But his achievements were taking a heavy toll – he was working non-stop, spending many late nights in the office (sometimes until 2am). The stress negatively impacted his relationships with his colleagues and his performance suffered.

One day his worst fears were realized – he was let go. That’s when he realized something had to change.

Working with Carla, Jeff achieved breakthroughs in both his career & personal life by:

  • Adopting new strategies to boost his productivity, focus, and clarity at work (without burning out)

  • Fine-tuning his communication style and becoming more empathetic with his teammates, family, and partner

  • Achieving balance between work, self-care, relationships

  • Developing habits & rituals for higher performance at work and balance at home

Having Carla as a coach has brought some incredible results into my life. From my romantic connections to my professional world, to how I feel about myself. I’m living life with more confidence, joy, perseverance, tenacity, and hope for the future. I’m living a life of abundance across the board. I still deal with challenges and a variety of fears, but I feel better equipped to weather those internal and external storms and push through to my desired results.
— -Jack, Architect & Entrepreneur, Austin
I struggled with depression, anger, and wildly misdirected efforts in love and work. It was like being on a treadmill, running faster and faster, at a greater and greater incline, and not getting anywhere.

Adding insult to injury, there’s a pesky inner voice that castigates you for not running fast enough. Carla helped me identify and manage those self-defeating inner voices that prevented me from having more fulfilling work, more resonant relationships, or even a puppy.

Thanks to Carla’s brilliant and intuitive approach, I feel more comfortable with myself and the direction my life takes.
— Benjamin, Tech Executive & Writer, Los Angeles

William Jones

Entrepreneur & Writer

“It's been absolutely incredible. Absolutely life-changing. Relationship changing. These are tools and things that will last a lifetime.”

- Valarie (William’s fiancé)

William was facing one of the most difficult times of his life – his father passed away and his mother suffered a stroke in the same year; and he was working hard to keep his business afloat while pursuing his dreams as a writer.

William joined my group coaching program, and we worked together to:

  • Uncover and transform his uncertainty and anxiety

  • Remove blocks in his writing process

  • Strengthen his relationship with his fiancé using specific skills to improve his connection, empathy, and communication

The experience had such a profound impact on William that his fiancé, Valarie, asked me to join this video to share her experience!

My sessions with Carla provided a light during weeks filled with challenges - which I now see as assignments - to living a fuller life of integrity towards my purpose and goals.

It was extremely helpful to process my past as well as present situations and to be able to receive guidance in reframing every experience from a potentially harmful one, to a constructive one with questions and visualization tools.
— Paul, Senior Management Consultant, NYC
Meetings with Carla felt like gym workouts – her coaching challenged me to be a better, stronger version of myself.

I value her compassionate, judgment-free process, and would recommend her to anyone looking for guidance on making smart, authentic business (and personal) decisions that deeply align with your overarching values and goals.
— K. Mills, Communications Consultant

From colleagues and industry experts

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Carla is a masterful coach and a true champion for emotional intelligence and breaking down mindset barriers.

Carla is deeply invested in her clients’ success and helps them achieve standout results in a way that is rare, heartfelt and completely life-changing.”
— Emily Williams, 7-Figure Success Coach & Founder of I Heart My Life, Hay House Author
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Guys – if you are looking to master your emotions and develop your mindset as a high achieving man, especially when it comes to your career and relationships, Carla has your back!

She has fast tracked her clients to success, and has done the same in her own life by walking her talk.
— James Williams, Certified High Performance Coach

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