If you’re reading this, chances are you know this feeling. 

Feeling like despite everything you have going for you, you’re in a rut. While on the outside things might look fine, deep down you aren't particularly excited about anything or anyone in your life.

You go through the motions to get through the day, hoping that it’s all leading somewhere better, somehow. 

Many people would look at you and say you’re successful. You are a high-performer, a Type-A personality that knows how to get things done. You might have a great deal of achievements and possessions that you dreamed about and worked to get for a long time. 

Yet at the end of the day you find yourself asking, “Is this it? Why do I still feel this way?”

I know this feeling because that was my life.

At the time, anyone who looked at my LinkedIn profile would have said I was a success. Yet on the inside, I was burnt out from running myself into the ground physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I was struggling to fit myself into a high-pressure, corporate environment, and unsure of what I wanted for my life. My days were filled with unconscious motions (although they looked like the status quo). I was working, drinking, eating, working out, going out; lather, rinse, repeat. I was disconnected and too numb to feel it.

I wanted help, but I didn’t know where to turn.

That disconnect affected every aspect of my life. At my lowest, I had no energy; everything felt like a struggle. I had little excitement for the future, even though in outward appearances I was “living the dream.” This feeling pervaded my work, my social and dating life, my thoughts, my body, everything. 

In the worst of times, it truly felt painful just to exist… even though I was earning a comfortable living and had all of my basic needs met – a privilege I didn't take for granted.

I didn't know what I wanted because I had everything I thought I wanted.

All I knew was that I wanted to stop feeling this way.


If this sounds familiar, know that there is a way out.

But you won’t find it with more of the same: the next promotion, the next job, the next date, the next distraction.

The turning point can only come when you decide you've endured being “just fine” for too long.

For many of my clients, the tipping point comes in the form of an unexpected event that snaps them out of their numbing routine.

Perhaps they lose their job.

Or a long-term relationship comes to an abrupt end.

Or someone dear to them passes away unexpectedly. 

Or they simply wake up one day and find they’ve been over-eating, over-medicated, over-worked, alone, or suffering in unhealthy relationships for too long. 

If you've reached this point and you have a sincere desire to make a change in your life, you've come to the right place. 


How Coaching Can Help

As a coach, I work in partnership with a licensed therapist, Dr. Tracy Thomas, on her unique methodology.

We take a holistic and practical approach, combining elements of traditional therapy and performance coaching to help you take intelligent, practical action towards greater well-being.

This isn’t just about sitting in a chair and recounting your past – it’s about bringing awareness to the cycles that have been running your life, how it’s manifesting in your present reality, and how you can make a different choice to shape a more desirable future. 

We take an honest, compassionate look at how you show up in all areas of your life: from your work to dating, family, and friends.

We analyze everything from your family history and upbringing, to your physical fitness and biochemistry (hormones and nutrient levels), your daily habits (sleep and stress levels), and your beliefs and self-concepts – everything that shapes your unique sense of self.

We connect the dots and clarify how your brain and body work, building a unique blueprint for you to get better – one day, one month, one year at a time, until “better” becomes your natural way of being.

How to Get Started

If you want to break out of the numbness and pain you're in and learn how you can start to take proactive steps towards lasting personal fulfillment, I’m ready to help you.

Click below to schedule a complimentary Information Session so I can learn more about you.

My sessions with Carla provided a light during weeks filled with challenges - which I now see as assignments - to living a fuller life of integrity towards my purpose and goals.

It was extremely helpful to process my past as well as present situations and to be able to receive guidance in reframing every experience from a potentially harmful one, to a constructive one with questions and visualization tools.
— Paul, Senior Management Consultant, NYC