The Emotional Fitness Bootcamp

Overcome Your Distractions, Break Through Negative Mindsets, and OWN Your Emotions

Who This Is For

If you’re reading this, you can probably relate with the experiences that many of my clients have come to me looking for help with.

You feel like despite all your efforts and achievements in life, you haven’t really played “full out” yet – or you might feel like you’ve hit a plateau. On the surface everything might seem fine – but inside you aren’t sure how to reconnect with that burning fire, drive, and energy you used to have for your big goals in life.

You want to overcome the negative chatter in your head and build momentum, discipline, and focus so you can show up as the man you want to be for your family, friends, colleagues, and really...yourself.

You were born to step into your highest level of success AND self-expression. That starts today.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are frustrated because you know you are meant for something BIG in work, love, and life, but you can’t seem to propel yourself in the right direction.

  • You’d love the freedom to overcome negative attitudes and limiting mindsets so you can quit worrying about the small stuff and move confidently toward your goals, with faith and determination.

  • You want to overcome distractions (food, technology, porn, overworking) that numb you out and pull you away from your dreams and the people you love.

  • You’ve identified as stoic & strong for as long as you can remember. And yet, you feel like there’s more to being truly masculine... like there’s an important part of you that’s being stifled, hidden, locked away.

  • You wish the people around you better reflected the kind of man you desire to be… and that you had a solid “inner circle” of people that can pull you up to the next level.

  • You’re experiencing the limits of duct-taping together random advice from podcasts, books, social media, and the occasional therapy session to guide your personal growth... and you’re ready to commit 100% with a structured, holistic, and guided program.

  • You want to catalyze significant change in your life, but going through an intensive physical “warrior training” doesn’t sound right for you. You want support that is relevant, actionable, and fits into your busy life now.

At the end of the day, you are worried if you don’t change you’ll:

  • Stay at your current level in work, love and life… falling short of the vision of the man you aspire to be.

  • Fall into unconscious behaviors that can undermine your career, your love life, or your relationships with family.

  • Wake up and find yourself burned out, overweight, unattractive, and jaded – disconnected from what inspired you to work so hard to get there in the first place.

  • Realize one day that you’ve missed the opportunity to build deep relationships with people who make you feel truly seen and understood… and you failed to make a lasting impact on the lives of friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

  • Be stuck in a pattern of lying to yourself about how you’re going to change TOMORROW… and always falling short of your commitments to yourself & others.

  • Stay trapped in a mental paradigm that keeps you perpetually dissatisfied with your life and career, and in conflict with others (without even realizing it).

How would it feel to...

  • Wake up every day feeling like you can handle whatever life or work throws at you, because you’ve taken the time to acquire internal tools and cultivate a level of emotional mastery that few other men have.

  • Have a go-to plan & specific frameworks for dealing with emotional issues as they arise: whether it’s conflicts at work, relationship issues, lack of discipline & focus, or self-sabotaging behavior.

  • Reclaim your motivation, energy, drive, and direction in life – and enjoy thriving relationships in all areas of life.

  • Have expert guidance, connection & support as you make rapid progress toward actualizing the next, highest version of yourself.

  • Showing up fully, powerfully, and authentically in all areas of life.

All of this is possible for you.

The Opportunity lies in UPGRADING your inner world so your outer world can reflect it.

The Emotional Fitness Bootcamp is a customized program for men who are ready to step into a new chapter of their lives as a powerful, modern man, by owning their emotions.


The Emotional Fitness Bootcamp Method

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The Emotional Fitness Bootcamp will help you...

  • Understand how pervasive distractions are in your life and how they pull you away from your mission, goals, and who you want to be.

  • Better understand how YOU are distracted personally--and what you can do about it.

  • Learn different strategies to respond to distractions so they don't pull you down "the rabbit hole."

  • Gain a mental model for managing your emotions so you can make better decisions.

  • Have greater control over your emotional impulses.

  • Be able to recognize your emotions, be more clear about what you’re feeling so you don't vacillate between suppressing and raging. 

  • Avoid feeling or guilty or blaming yourself/others for your emotions or actions.

  • Strengthening your relationships in all areas of life by improve your emotional well-being.

  • Develop monthly and yearly routines to optimize and solidify your emotional fitness for the long term.

Program Overview

The Emotional Fitness Bootcamp is an 8-week training program that includes:

  • 8 weeks of video content that dives into uncovering and managing your distractions and emotions so you can step into success as a modern man.

  • 8 group calls where you'll receive coaching directly from Carla and support from others in the program.

Here's what we'll cover: 

  • Week 1: Understand Your Distractions (How They Work & What They Mean)

  • Week 2: The Anatomy of Emotions

  • Week 3: The Emotional Fitness Framework (So You Can Proactively Manage Emotional Challenges And Take Effective Action)

  • Week 4: Core Skills & Techniques for Applying the Emotional Fitness Framework in Daily Life

  • Week 5: Applying Emotional Fitness to Your Personal Relationships

  • Week 6: Applying Emotional Fitness to Your Work & Mission

  • Week 7: Sustaining Your Emotional Fitness For the Long-Term: Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Routines

  • Week 8: Building Empathy & Connecting Powerfully with Others

It’s your time. Take action now.

Interested? Book a call with me to learn more and decide if the program is right for you.