Hi, I’m Carla Blumenthal.


I work with conscientious, thoughtful men who are driven to achieve greater success, gain more freedom, and build extraordinary relationships.

They are business owners, tech executives, company leaders, creative professionals...

No matter their title, they share a deep sense of curiosity and motivation to go from “good” to “great” in their careers – without sacrificing their relationships, their health, or their quality of life.

Rather, my clients are those who dare to ask:

Isn’t there a more sane and optimized way of reaching the next level (and beyond)?

The answer is “YES!” – and showing you how is my expertise.

Move confidently toward your goals, with focus and unyielding determination.


If you…

  • Feel called to to uncover your true strengths and personal mission

  • Feel like you’re stuck or in a rut and want clarity and focus

  • Desire to show up more powerfully and authentically, in all areas of life – your workplace, dating, and your social life

  • Consider yourself to be thoughtful and conscientious. You desire to positively influence the people around you, and the world at large

  • Have worked with a therapist or done some personal development work on your own, and are ready to catalyze a new breakthrough towards greater success, freedom, and fulfillment


You are in the right place. Learn more about what is possible for you.