Designing a life of sustained fulfillment and career success IS possible.

But as they say, "What got you here won't get you there."

My name is Carla Blumenthal. I specialize in helping high-performance "Type-A" men – who have achieved significant success in their careers and lives – and are unfulfilled despite their many accomplishments.

My clients come to me with problems like these: 

  • Relationships of all types (romantic, family, friends) seem to be stuck in the same cycle, never leading to a lasting sense of connection and fulfillment. Dating is particularly frustrating and challenging. 
  • Work is overwhelming and all-consuming. They want more time and space for their personal life, but somehow everything besides work keeps falling to the wayside.
  • Despite their many successes, they don't feel as connected to their work as they would like. Each promotion or career advancement leads back to the same feeling of, "Is this it?"
  • Struggling with recurring bouts of anxiety, depression, anger, over-eating, or binge-drinking.

If this sounds like you and you're ready to do something about it, let's dig deeper.

What Carla has given me is something amazing. I am now free to experience life and emotions, friends and enemies, strangers and family, in a way that never occurred to me before.

You have given me a superhero’s ability to help people. Not in my old ways of solving problems, but in a more personal, even more effective manner of showing that I can relate to them.
— Nick, Real Estate CEO, NYC