I believe amazing coaching relationships start with trust, transparency, and authenticity.

And, that magic and insights lie in the details of a person’s story.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you my ups— as well as the downs— and what I’ve learned through my own journey towards personal growth and fulfillment.

Check out my professional bio and my story below. I look forward to getting to know you!


professional bio

Carla Blumenthal is a coach for thoughtful, ambitious men who desire to build remarkable relationships and achieve greater success.

Carla has coached a wide range of clients, from C-suite tech and marketing execs in Silicon Valley and New York City, to small business owners, consultants, managers, entertainers, real estate investors, and architects. Through their work together, many of Carla’s clients have started their own businesses, landed new jobs, or met their romantic partners – all while feeling more balanced and fulfilled.

Her signature method works from the inside out, leveraging insights from the latest research in Emotional Intelligence and High Performance Coaching.

Carla has given a TEDx talk and has been a guest on podcasts like the Best Real Estate Advice Ever, Your Biggest Vision Show, and The Investor Mindset. In her previous work in leadership development, she was featured in Forbes and presented at TEDWomen.

Carla lives with her husband in the Greater New York City area.

where it all began

I grew up outside of Philadelphia, in a small suburban town. I was an introverted child, sensitive and highly perceptive of people’s feelings and needs from a young age. My childhood experiences taught me to mask these traits, and I focused instead on grades and achievements to gain a sense of acceptance and self-worth.

After grad school, I followed my dreams and moved to New York City.

By the age of 26, I was a manager at the #1 Social Media Agency in NYC (according to Mashable), leading a team of eight and directing marketing campaigns for big companies like Microsoft and Visa.

While my resume looked impressive and my social media feed glamorous, I was on the classic high-achieving burn-out cycle: overweight, working 12 hour days and spending late nights in the office, going to spin class at 6am and skipping meals only to binge eat at night as soon as I got home. 

The only thing keeping me going was the vague belief that I was “on the right path” – because I had a cool job, I earned a good salary, and my calendar was packed with meetings and social events.

Then one day, I was let go from my job.


my Turning Point

While the news was devastating, it turned out to be the wakeup call I desperately needed.

With my frenetic schedule no longer distracting me, I came face to face with how I was actually feeling – and I began to question everything about my life.  

How did I get here, feeling so dissatisfied, overstressed, and unhappy? I thought I was living the life I wanted. What was I missing? 

That was the turning point – and I began a journey of self-discovery, committing myself to find out why everything I thought I wanted was making me miserable.

I went to therapy, invested in a coach, read dozens of personal development books, traveled across the US, and created my own facilitation group.

At first, I thought the answer was out there...somewhere. And that the way to make things better was to go and find it. 

I took to the TEDx stage to share my story of stepping into the unknown, titled     Why There’s Freedom in Discomfort   .

I took to the TEDx stage to share my story of stepping into the unknown, titled Why There’s Freedom in Discomfort.

Pursuing my version of success

Eventually (thanks to my coach), I realized that the more work I did internally, looking at the things that scared me – the things that didn’t “feel good,” the things I was avoiding – the more meaningful insights I gained about how to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

I began to pursue a vision of success that would be uniquely fulfilling to me – rather than a borrowed picture of “success” that I unconsciously adopted from others.  

Things began to shift quickly once I started to accept myself as I am – AND challenge myself to step into a higher version of myself.

As I began to see positive results in my life, I was asked to give a TEDx talk about my experiences. Then one day, without any intention of becoming a coach, men began to approach me, asking for coaching to support them in their own journeys of personal growth.


I Trained and Studied

After making the decision to become a coach, I trained for 3 years under an established coach and licensed therapist based in San Francisco – learning cutting-edge strategies in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and mindset.

I also trained in Nonviolent Communications and worked with 7-figure business and high performance coaches, gaining powerful tools for facilitating personal and professional breakthroughs.

Most importantly, I continued to use my own life: my goals, my fears, my struggles, and my relationships as the path to learn and grow into the coach I wanted to become.

What surprised me most during this journey was the striking similarity amongst the clients who sought me out. Though I hadn’t set an intention to work with a specific type of client, they all turned out to be conscientious, high-achieving (and often introverted) men who wanted to feel more aligned, alive, and fulfilled.

I also realized that there was incredible power in the dynamic of the female coach and male client.

Many of my clients shared how much they valued a woman's perspective – especially when it came to dating with integrity and strengthening their relationships. After working with many men who struggled with similar challenges, I resolved to dedicate my career to helping clients tackle these issues.


My Life Today

Several years later, my life is radically different.

I still live near New York City, but in a peaceful and beautiful neighborhood where I feel calm and grounded.

I work with incredible clients from all over the country.

I am lean, strong and healthy.

I’m married to the love of my life – also an entrepreneur who is deeply committed to personal development.

Everything I envisioned for my future has come to life, and the process of growing into the person I want to become is just getting started.

My story isn’t a fairy tale – it’s the result of a relentless commitment to personal growth, and practicing positive habits of thoughts, emotions, and actions consistently over time.


I Believe It’s Possible For You

I believe that everyone holds the answers within, and that moving from good to great is a matter of cultivating greater self-mastery, and learning to balance your mental prowess with the power and wisdom of your emotional intelligence.

Whether you want to build a remarkable relationship, pivot to a career that feels more aligned with who you are, or you want to achieve greater success and freedom without burning out, it’s all there for you.

If you’re ready to step into a higher version of yourself and you think we might be a good fit to work together, I encourage you to reach out. 

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Want to get in touch? Check out my Coaching page for more details on working together, or click below to connect with me.


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